Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dragon Poo Poesy

At the back of my mind
where it stinks a little of dragon poo
and battle memories against You-Know-Who
along with the discarded armors I have worn over the years
and battle scars I received from facing my fears
There’s a firm little hope
planted on the ground
which I pat only when no one’s around

The hope that
even though change is a bother
may we grow together.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Dragon Charmer

Act 1: Kalpana breaks the space time continuum

Kalpana sits on the bed browsing through the dragon section of Reddit. She growls at times when she reads something she doesn’t like. The offenders are put in place with some swift keystrokes.

Kalpana is a girl of strong opinions. And her opinions are generally regarding dragons. In the dragon subreddit, she is generally known as the Dragon Queen in sharp contrast to her account name fluffykitty249.

While she surfed through the thread, she saw a two minutes old post. It read “Dragons are so obsolete, it’s all zombies and Godzilla now. Lol.”

Kalpana felt a red flush spreading up her neck to her face. Her eyes bulged, her breathing quickened. A thousand curses ran through her brain. A million! A billion! A trillion!

The thoughts raced through her head so fast, the electrical impulses in the brain began moving beyond the speed of light.

Kalpana felt the air around her start to vibrate and crackle. Suddenly the very fabric of time and space ripped apart around her and sucked her in.

Act 2: Kalpana becomes the witch of Fort Guinevere

Kalpana woke up face down on mud. She felt like she had just banged her head against the space-time wall. The wall broke. She wearily stood up and looked around. A large wooden wall stood before her and a deep moat behind her utterly confused, she walked around the wall, hoping to find a door.

She finally found a huge wooden door. As she approached it, an arrow thudded on the ground before her foot. She leaped back exclaiming “Holy mother of dragons!”

A voice cried out from the top, “Who the hell are you, woman?” After a pause, it added “And what are you wearing?”

She stared at the top the wall for a bit. Slowly, she realized her predicament. She didn’t know where she was! What if she was stuck here forever? Without a change of T-shirt and jeans?

“I am Kaplana” she shouted back. “From Nepal”

“Where’s that?”

“Between India and China.”

The person yelped and shouted for the captain. The captain, a fat man in a steel armor clearly too small for him peered over the wall. “Let her in” he gruffed. “We will need all the witches we can get.”

The gate opened a little for her to get in. “Welcome to Fort Guinevere” the guard said. “I hope you brought spells for dragons.”

**This is the start of my new series in collaboration with @frankentigger. We wrote this for the Flash Fiction Dragon challenge at Terrible Minds.