Friday, July 31, 2015

The verb ‘miss’ OR Wired weird

I do not take the verb ‘miss’ lightly. Believe me, when I text you, “Missing you”, I seriously am missing you, like my atoms and the intramolecular space between the molecules made up of those atoms are filled with thoughts of you. I am that deep. (Double ha with a hyphen in between)

I miss people much too soon, way too often and often like a blind person groping for eyes to see the world with. The blind person, if he finds those eyes which fit in his sockets without any medical technicalities involved, could have basically two alternate worlds in his newly acquired sight. One of those worlds would be what he’d be viewing if he had rose coloured spectacles. By the term ‘rose coloured spectacles’ I mean a rosy view on life. Which is definitely not : the word ‘life’ floating on air with a rose hovering atop it. (But wouldn’t it be cool if words existed like that? But then: UH-OH, laws of gravity.)  Rather an optimistic view on life. A world where there would be rainbows after every rainfall. Where strangers genuinely smiled back at you if you smiled at them. And where people missed you back with the same(or slightly lesser) intensity as you missed them. And you’d feel rewarded with love for thoughts of missing them so much. And they cared about your thoughts in return. 

But the blind person with the magical eye sockets could also faced with the possibility of facing another world. A more grimy view of the world (though this grimy view is not due to the grime on the surface of the eyeballs he’d just found after a lot of frantic groping). A world where rainbows are only created if the sunlight disperses through prisms made up of invisible water droplets hanging in the air blanketed from the ordinary eye by humidity. Where strangers give you odd looks and sometimes even stare at you suspiciously if you gave them a smile or two. And where people simply assume you to be over clingy if you texted them ‘I miss you’ and created a rhyme for them about how much you miss them. 

So the results of my thought experiment have led to this : that I am better off not missing people much. (I have now written a sentence containing this and that separated by a colon.) Do move on to the next paragraph and let me demonstrate to you the inner workings of my logically illogical mind. 

People usually start missing something/someone/someplace after the thing/person/place is in the past. After it has occurred. Usually. But me, I am wired to miss things as they are happening. Wired weird, right? (Weird and wired are anagrams. Cool right?) 

For instance, I started missing the university I studied in (2010-2014) during my third semester.(We had a total of 8 semesters.) I begin to miss good times as they are happening. 

I think that is good because I kind of enjoy moments more. “Hey, these are my memorable moments.” I smile wider, laugh more maniacally and feel more happiness coursing through me. Somehow, I appreciate now more. Me missing the present as it unfolds makes the present somehow more precious. Somehow more richer. 

(Let me leave you on this optimistic note. Though the blind man with magical sockets might or might not look upon our dreary world (where scientific phenomenon such as dispersion is responsible for rainbows and not unicorn farts), it is good to have a kindling of hope in our hearts that he might see the other world. As me myself have done with kindred spirits.)

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