Friday, July 10, 2015


This blog is for Mummy who expects so much from me, yet fails to see what I am capable of…or so I think.
It is for people with whom I want to chat with all eternity, but I never have the right words to keep the conversation going.
It is for the gems of friendship I have stumbled across in Twitter.
It is for people who talk to me in photos and captions.
It is for people who make me radiate love just at the thought of them.
It is for Anupey who converses with me in books, movies, good music and articles from internet. And it is the best conversation I have ever had.
Talking about conversations, this blog is also for those conversations that get lost in time, those connections eaten up by distance, the dialogues broken by negligence and for those relationships which we give up fighting for. 
This blog is for Nanu, whom I love for simply existing. I love you, like I am too afraid it will show on my face when you are around, like my voice will break if I ever have to profess my love for you, like I could not bear it if you are ever embarrassed of me. 
It is for Hajurama for being Hajurama.
And this blog is especially for the cloud muses, the people who love minutiae, the grammar Nazis, the cry-babies, the people who will bend space and time, who have virtual crushes, the wanna-be superheroes, the weirdos, the ones that ooze awkwardness like it is in their blood, who feel like no one wants to talk to them anyway, who overthink, overanalyze and repeat conversations in their minds, who have a kewl British accented mind voice but suck at actual English-speak, who make new words, the people with sparkly eyes,  who want to be especial, the ones whose crushes fell for their pretty best friends, whose best friends ceased becoming best friends, who are confused, depressed, the ones with suicidal tendencies, with a sense of judiciousness instilled in them, whom people look at differently, who are starved of friendship, who get judged, who have been discriminated, who have been trying to defy stereotypes and the ones who are trying not to drown in feels.

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